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La Ferme des Saules is above all the story of a family, accompanied by a golden team! 

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Isabelle NOTTEAU

Isabelle NOTTEAU

The founder

She takes care of welcoming you to the campsite and serving you at the store. 



Always faithful to his post for more than 20 years, he helps Joël in the fields and maintains the campsite. He has built or renovated with Joël almost everything you will see with us. 

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The husband


Hetakes care fields,  you select the best fruits and vegetables, but also to help you at the market or the store. 



The son

Never short of ideas, he coordinates projects, manages paperwork and tries his hand at communication in spite of himself...



She has been at your service at the store for several years already, could write a book on the lives of all her customers. She loves taking 5 minutes with you to chat. 


Et tout notre super team de saisonniers !

Here is our commitment to ecology:

  1. Biomass boiler room: We use a renewable energy source to heat our buildings and hot water for bathrooms, using miscanthus produced on the farm to reduce our carbon footprint.

  2. Soil conservation agriculture: We practice agriculture that preserves the soil and reduces greenhouse gas emissions. We use techniques such as plant cover and undercover sowing to preserve soil quality and preserve biodiversity.

  3. Rainwater recovery: We collect rainwater to water our vegetables and strawberries, which reduces our water consumption and preserves natural resources.

  4. Ecological wastewater treatment plant:We installed an ecological sewage treatment plant using reeds to treat wastewater. This allows us to reduce our impact on the environment and preserve water quality.

  5. Living soil market gardening: We grow most of our vegetables in living soil market gardening, a method which aims to preserve the quality of the soil using techniques such as crop rotation and plant cover. This reduces chemical inputs and guarantees healthy and tasty vegetables for our customers.

  6. Replacement of disposable sheets: In 2023, we will replace 95% of our disposable sheets with washed cotton sheets on site and returned to a Work Support Establishment and Service (ESAT). This approach will reduce waste and have a positive impact on the environment, while providing clean and comfortable sheets for our customers.

  7. Tree plantations:We planted 66 trees on 1.3 ha of agroforestry to improve biodiversity on our farm. Only local species of fruit and forest treess with the support of the European Union and the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development. 

  8. Hedge plantings:Every year we plant hedges around our agricultural plots to improve biodiversity and protect our land. Hedges can also provide habitats for birds, insects andother animals with the support of the European Union and the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development. 








Tree planting and hedge projects are cofinanotcreated by the European Union with the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development 


Et we still have so much to do for our land, our tooll of work, the one who feeds us...

Our Corporate Vision:

  1. Meaning at work: We believe that our work should have purpose and meaning. This is why we strive to produce and sell healthy, quality products while respecting the environment.

  2. Discover agricultural reality other than through the media:We want to offer an authentic experience for our customers by allowing them to discover agricultural reality in a direct and unfiltered way. We want to show them how produce is grown, harvested and processed to get to their table.

  3. Promoting holidays close to nature for everyone:We believe everyone should be able to enjoy a vacation close to nature. This is why we offer comfortable and ecological accommodation for all types of customers.

  4. Providing ethical work: We pride ourselves on working ethically and respectfully.e of our employees. 

  5. Produce and sell healthy products of which we are the first consumers:We believe in the quality of our products and we are the first consumers of them. We want to offer healthy and nourishing products to our customers, while supporting sustainable agriculture and environmental preservation.


The history of the farm








Foundation of the farm by René NOTTEAU with damage from the 14-18 war. It now houses the store and the lodge.

A fire breaks out in the barn, one of the German soldiers who was staying there perishes in the flames

Albert, Isabelle's father, built the current toilet building to house pigs and then calves.

Isabelle takes over her parents' farm, opens a shop in the stable to sell her dried flowers and replaces the cows in the pasture with campers.

The farm was then named “La Ferme des Saules” by Albert in reference to the many willows in the pasture.

Joël, also Notteau, joined Isabelle on the farm after their marriage. The farm now has 50ha thanks to the consolidation of their 2 farms.

The sanitary facilities have been refurbished. 

The campsite networks are completely renovated, the campsite now has 100 pitches.

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